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The ABC’s of Motherhood ~ L is for Loving

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One of a mother’s natural instincts is to be loving. It isn’t something that we have to be told to do, it’s a part of who we are. It’s how God made us.


A Loving Mother’s Days

Being a loving mother isn’t always easy. There will be days in which we do not succeed and there will be others where we will exceed our own expectations.

What we must remember is that just like most things, loving our children throughout each day is a choice we make. Whether the day is sunshine and happiness or a downpour with a case of the grumbles. Each day is loaded with opportunities to be a loving mother.

Loving our children can be sharing a bit of time coloring with one child, while the next hour is spent playing a strategy game that you don’t really understand.

As mothers we face some tough decisions in our days, and sometimes the choices we make are not popular. By making those tough decisions because we are choosing to love our children, even when they don’t understand or appreciate it.

Being a loving mother isn’t about what we do with or for them specifically. It’s making the choice to spend time quality time with our children because we love them. It’s putting their needs and wants before our own, showing them how important they are to us. It’s making the best decisions for our children whether they believe it or not.

A Loving Mother’s Future Impact

Just because loving is what we naturally do doesn’t mean that we realize the impact it has on our children. The result of us loving our children will be seen in years to come and in future generations.

By choosing to be a loving mother, we are teaching our children to be loving men and women, spouses and parents. God alone knows how many people will be touched by us choosing to be loving mothers.

A Loving Mother’s Marriage

When we choose to be loving towards our children they are not the only ones who notice. It is amazing how our loving actions and words towards our children can also impact our marriage as well.

Our husbands work hard all day, and they know that we have long days as well with our children. Yet, the last thing they want to hear at night is our frustration and/or yelling at our children at night/bedtime. This is especially true if our time as a couple is after the kids go to bed.

By choosing to be loving towards our children when our husbands are home, at the end of both of our days, this will increase their love and appreciation for us and all we do with/for our kids.

As loving mothers we often choose to put our children’s needs and wants before our own. This really is an important part of being a loving mother, but we must ensure that we don’t allow it wreck havoc on our days, create selfishness in our children and/or place our children above our husband.

Remember being a loving mother doesn’t always mean doing what our children want us to do, it is making the right decisions for them, even when it’s hard to do so.

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