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Discovering the Five Love Languages

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In light of the state of this country right now, I think that we can ALL agree we need more love. Children need to learn how people feel love, and they need to know how people show love.

Love to me has always been a verb. I feel that love is something that I strive to show my kids, and those I care about every day. BUT, how often to I reach out and show love to others? How often do I worry about MY feelings, and not necessarily the feelings of those around me? The truth is, not very often.
As a mom, I want to strive to do better. As an educator, I want to TEACH the next generation MORE about feeling, and showing love.  I want them to know and understand what bullying is, how our words can affect others, and how we can create a safe environment. That is why I was so excited to try out Discovering the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman and D.M. Freed.

Discovering the Five Love Languages

Discovering The Five Love Languages takes a look at the five areas that make people feel loved. Most individuals receive or feel love in a particular way. Knowing these 5 love languages, and understanding how someone feels love is important to a healthy and loving relationship.

This particular version is geared towards students, and is meant to be used in a classroom setting. It is for grades 1-6. The book is set up much like the original Love Languages book, but includes practical lessons on the 5 love languages.

  1. Words of Affirmation-These are words that encourage people. They can come in the form of compliments, encouraging cards, or letters, or simply words that make us feel good about ourselves and loved.
  2. Quality Time-This is when you choose to spend time with another person by listening, hanging out, or playing with them. Quality time is deliberate and intentional.
  3. Acts of Service-When someone intentionally or unexpectedly does something for another individual it is considered an act of service. This love language can be expressed by making breakfast for another, carrying books, or doing a siblings chores.
  4. Receiving Gifts-Gifts are more than just material things. A gift represents the one who is giving it, and can be a symbol of appreciation, value, love and devotion.
  5. Safe Touch-Some individuals feel love through physical touch. This can be done through hugs, holding hands, or another act of physical affection. (Note: The curriculum focuses on SAFE touch and differentiating between the two very well, IMO).

Discovering the Five Love Languages is adaptable to a homeschool setting, and can be used in co-ops, Sunday schools, or with individual families. The curriculum includes information for the teacher, worksheets to expand learning, and practical, hands on lessons that are geared towards children in the elementary and middle school grades.

In a time where our children are growing up, often surrounded by negative images, hate, and news stories that often times are just depressing, LOVE is more important than ever. Discovering the Five Love Languages is a great way to teach our children how to show and receive love, it is a great way to reach our children and show them how to be sensitive to the emotional needs of others.

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