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How to Teach History Without Textbooks

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There are many subjects that you need to teach your children each day. Most of those subjects require the use of textbooks and prepping for the day ahead.

What if I told you that you could teach your children about history without ever using a textbook?

It is true! You can teach history without textbooks and I am going to show you how!

You can teach your children about history, from the beginning of time til recent history, all without textbooks!


Using lapbooks in your homeschool is one of the most fun and creative ways for your children to learn. They get to cut, color, paste, all while learning. There are lapbooks out there that cover all aspects of history from the beginning of time all the way through recent history. One of my favorite lapbooking resources is, In the Hands of a Child. Their lapbooks are well thought out and easy for the teacher to teach. My daughter loves taking the teaching pack and using it to create her own notes as she goes through the pack. My son enjoys being able to absorb the information in small chunks without having loads thrown at him.

In the 2017 Build Your Bundle you will find 10 studies from In the Hands of a Child and 4 of them focus on history!  Learn more…

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Notebooking typically involves a lesson or study on a theme with matching notebook-ish papers for your children to write their notes, draw pictures, or dictate to you what they just learned. This is probably my daughters most favorite way to learn. She enjoys using a highlighter as we go through the lesson and then summarizing it all at the end.

The Upper Grades 2 in the Build Your Bundle is offering some amazing notebooking packs that cover history! My kids are going to love going through the Cobblestone Path Church History Research Journal: The Nicene Age next school year! Learn more…

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Unit Studies:

A unit study is just what it implies, a study over a thematic unit. It is often very focused on the subject and is the core of learning. All you need to add on to a unit study is math! This makes it a great way to teach your children.

When using a unit study to teach your children history you are immersing them in the time period of study. Unit studies often include crafts, recipes, and hands on experiments.

The Unit Studies bundles in the 2017 Build Your Bundle is the perfect thing to grab right now for this type of learning! It includes 3 units of study perfect for children of all ages. Learn more…

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Audio Books:

If your children respond well to auditory learning audio books are the way to go. You can find audio books on many different topics in history right at your library! You can listen to audio books in the car, in the classroom, or while doing other things. That makes it the perfect tool for those of you who enjoy multitaking while learning. Unfortunately my children do not learn well from audio books so we do not use them often.

Right now you can get the Mystery of History audio books from the Build Your Bundle Sale as a build your own option or mingled in different pre-packaged bundles! Learn more…

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