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Three Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Happen!

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Spring is right around the corner, and I can almost smell the fresh air. Spring is a time when things are new, and fresh, and most of us want to make our homes feel that way too. Yet, we are busy, over worked, underpaid (amen!), and just don’t have the time to make spring cleaning happen.

3 Tips on how you can make spring cleaning happen

If that is how you feel, then I have three tips to help YOU make spring cleaning happen.

3 Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Happen

  1. Make a List- What do you want to get cleaned? Your walls? Closets? Whole House? Write down everything you want to get clean.  Make the list with little detail.  Just enough so you can break it down.
  2. Break it down- Once you have your list made, break it down into smaller chunks. This could be by room, by job, or another way that fits your list. This will help you to prioritize what you need to do and how.  It will help you to see how to get it done without it being so overwhelming.
  3. Schedule- The only way to make spring cleaning happen is to actually schedule the time to do it. Look at your calendar and see if there is any white space (if there is not, then you may need to evaluate your time commitments). Pencil in 3-5 days (look at your chunks and list to help determine how many days you will need) in the month to spring clean your home, and then make it a priority by not planning anything else those days.

Once your home is clean you will fill SO much better about your space, and will feel good knowing that your home is fresh and new for spring.

If you are looking for more spring cleaning resources check out these links:

Simplified Spring Cleaning Checklist by Simple Living Mama– I used this last year and found it simple, and was able to whip my house into shape in 2 or 3 Saturdays.

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist by Ms. Robinson– This looks pretty intense, and boasts that there will be NO dust bunnies left behind J.

Spring Clean Your Heart and Home Book Bundle-20 Fantastic Resources geared towards helping you get your home and heart in order.

Spring Cleaning Resource List by Davonne Parks- My real life friend Davonne made a huge round up of organizational tips, spring cleaning posts, and decluttering tips to help you whip your space into shape!

Spring Cleaning Printable by Honey Bear Lane-This printable looks simple, yet also provides deep cleaning tips. It may be a great cross between the first two printables.

31 Days to Clean by Sarah Mae-I LOVE this book and found it great for the Martha in me J. It takes you through 31 days of cleaning your heart and home.

How do you manage to make spring cleaning happen?




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