Three Ways to get your Christmas shopping done childless!

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I don’t know about you, but for me childcare is a HUGE problem. My husband has crazy hours at work, and I can never fully rely on him to be home. Add in the fact that I homeschool my  three kids, and this makes holiday shopping, planning, and doing a little difficult. If you are in a similar boat no fear, here are some creative ways to get your Christmas shopping done with children underfoot.

  1. Swap Childcare! Do you have friends with kids? Would they like to go Christmas shopping? The answer to that is probably YES! So, offer to swap childcare for a weekend between now and Christmas. This gives them time to shop, and you too. Plus, the childcare will be free J . This is the perfect time to Christmas shop FOR the kids…without the kids!
  2. Online Shopping! Now, I know this may not exactly be creative, but hear me out. If there is an item that you know your kids want, see if you can buy it online. Most of the time those black Friday sales are also available on the web. Also, if you wait till Cyber Monday…they may even be cheaper! Plus, you can check and usually score better deals online then you can in the store. This saves time, money, gas, and the headache of dragging kids out while you shop. That sounds like win/win to me!
  3. Go with your spouse! Christmas shopping with the hubby is something most of us like to do right? But, if your with your spouse who has the kids? He does! Or you do….whichever you prefer. This is something my hubby and I do each year, and I promise it works. We hit the mall with all the kids in tow. One of us takes the kids to the play area while the other shops, then we switch. We also take turns taking the kids shopping. This lets them pick out gifts for people while giving us some one on one time with each child. We can normally get all the Christmas shopping we have left after options #1 and #2 done in one day.

As busy parents finding time to Christmas shop can be a huge challenge. I hope that one of these ways can help you get your Christmas shopping done childless this year!

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