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Welcoming 2014 With One Word

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The new year is here.  It came so quickly.  I am not sure where 2013 went.  2013 was a great year!!  I left the other blog and created The Multi Taskin’ Mom.  I was able to gain new VA clients and move forward with some great design endevours.  I am truly looking forward to 2014 and all of the great possibilities it holds, not just for The Multi Taskin’ Mom but also for my personal life.

Word Cloud for 2014


My One Word

In 2014 instead of making a resolution that I am sure to lose sight of after the second week of the year; I have decided to do the “One Word” approach that I keep seeing all over my friends walls.  This year my one word is going to be consistent.

Found by Googling the word consistent
Found by Googling the word consistent

You see, I love making plans.  I love having things on paper.  It looks good on paper.  There are lines.  I can see what is expected and it is clear.  The down side of this is that someone has to follow through with these plans.  That is where I “fail”.  I am not consistent with my plans.  I am not consistent with my parenting.  I am not consistent with my blogging.  I am not consistent anywhere it seems.

Moving forward

This year I want to change that.  I want to be someone that I can rely on.  I want to know what is coming next and I want to follow through with it.  I want my home to be tidy (not perfect but company ready) each night before going to bed.  I want my blog to have posts ready for the next week.  I want school work ready to go a month in advance.  The only way I can achieve any of those things is to be consistent.

I know this is going to be a long process.  One that I cannot just expect to take place.  I will have to work hard each day to make sure that I am continuing to work toward my goals.

Along with my one word I have other words I would like to focus on:

        • intentional
        • available
        • organized
        • disciple
        • prayerful
        • deliberate
        • open-minded
        • focused
        • reliable
        • peace
        • create
        • diligent

Will you support me in this goal?  If you see me slacking and not moving forward, let me know!!

What is your resolution or your one word for 2014?

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