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Are you looking for ways to cut back screen time in your home this summer? Here are 3 suggestions and a printable to help make it a fun process!

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3 Ways to Cut Back Screen Time + Printable

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Hey moms! We survived another winter!

I don’t know about you, but its been a long fall and winter for us. We’ve had above-average rainfall, cold and dreary days, and very little time to play outside.

But now that nicer weather is here, I am ready to turn off the devices and soak up some vitamin D! But how?

Are you looking for ways to cut back screen time in your home this summer? Here are 3 suggestions and a printable to help make it a fun process!


I know we’re all looking for ways to cut back screen time without the whining, begging, and repetitive requests to watch a favorite show or play Minecraft.

I get it – because its that way at my house, too.

So here are some ways to cut back on screens and help your kids earn screen time! Turn those chores into bucks that they can buy their favorite show or game! Its a win-win, because they’ll be helping out around the house, playing outside, and getting some physical activity, and for a reward they get to watch T.V. or play their favorite video game.

3 Ways to Cut Back Screen Time

1. Set certain screen times.

Do their favorite shows come on in the mornings or evenings. Set screen time at certain times of the day for a certain amount of time. When that time is up the screens go off and they have to find a physical activity to do.

2. Set certain shows.

Sit down as a family and pick 1-2 shows a day that you will watch together as a family. Let your children know that those are the only shows you will watch this summer, and the rest of the time will be play time.

3. Screen Bucks

Okay – I’ll admit. This one is my favorite and next summer, when my kids are a little bigger, I will be using this system year-round.

Here’s the system: reward good behavior and physical activity with Screen Bucks. (Free printable below)

Rewarded behavior can be:

  • Obedience without whining
  • Completing chores with a joyful attitude
  •  Finishing a book
  • Doing a kind deed for a family member or friend
  • 1+ hours of physical activity outdoors (ie. sports, water-play, etc)

There are a number of ways you can have your child earn Screen Bucks. On the Screen Bucks printable, I left a blank area where you can set the amount of screen time your child can earn. I realize that each family has differing opinions on what is an acceptable amount of screen time per day.

When your child has gathered enough bucks, they can turn it in to watch a movie or play a game.

On the flip-side. You can even require your child return a Screen Buck if they whine or complain when screen time is over.

You can download this sheet of Screen Bucks today and print as many copies as you think you’ll need to use with your children.

Let’s encourage our children to be creative, active, and imaginative this summer and help them learn that screen time is a privilege to be earned!

Screen Bucks

Download your Screen Bucks here!

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