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6 Practical Tips for Moms Battling Depression

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If you have ever battled depression you know just how hard it is.

Today I want to share with you 6 practical tips for any mom who is battling depression.

Depression… it isn’t a very big word.  In fact it isn’t hard to spell or hard to read.  It isn’t an intimidating word when you look at it on paper.  It is just a word.  That is, unless you have ever suffered with depression.  I am not talking about the blues you get when the seasons change, I am talking about full on, can’t get out of the bed, heart hurts, depression.

Practical tips for moms who are battling depression

When depression comes at you it attacks.  It brings out your pain, your fears, and can often times leave you feeling powerless and unable to control who you are.  It is hard to describe the way that you feel to others.  Especially those who think you should just “snap out of it” or “pick up an move on” because they have no idea how badly you would love to do either of those things, you just aren’t able.

Too often if you are a Christian you are made to feel that you are aren’t good enough, don’t believe enough, don’t have enough faith.  Mama, I am here today to tell you just one thing… You are not alone!

You are not alone!

If you are sitting there today and feel the dark desperate cloud of depressions sucking you in, know you are not alone.

Do you struggle with parenting your children and feel like you aren’t enough? Know you aren’t alone.

Are you are battling something so big, so fierce, you don’t know how to move forward?  Know you are not alone.

Do you feel as though you aren’t able to leave the bedroom?  Know you are not alone.

Wherever you are today – you, precious soul, are not alone!

God Created YOU! Just the way you are!

God created you in His image.  He created you from his infinite wisdom.  You were created because the world needed you.  He created you because HE needed you.

I know that the days can seem to go on and on.  I know sometimes there is no end in sight to the road you are on.  Know that you are not alone.

There are hundreds, if not millions, of other moms out there who are going through the same thing you are.  This is not to belittle your feelings.  This is to let you know that there is hope!  There is grace!  You are not alone.

6 Practical Tips for Battling Depression:

1. Confide in a friend

If you are able it is best to talk things over with a friend.  Sometimes just saying things outloud can put them in perspective. The troubles you are facing may seem to lessen.  You may find that you are walking along side your friend as she battles the same fight.

2. Talk to your spouse

If your husband is a good listener take your depression, your heart, your thoughts to him.  This one is not easy for me as my husband is a fixer.  When I take things to him he wants to fix things when I really just need an ear to listen.

3. Write it down

Get a journal, notebook, piece of paper and write down what you are feeling.  Seeing your heart on paper may help you find a way to better deal with what is happening inside it.  You may be able to pinpoint the source of the problem and find a way to help dig yourself out.

4. Pray

I didn’t put this one first because it is likely that you are doing far more of that right now than ever before.  That is good!  Take your heart to the Lord.

5. Talk with your pastor

Talking with your pastor or a mentor from your church may be a good way to gain third party perspective without having to pay a co-pay! 😉

6. Talk with a professional

It may be to a point that you need to find someone who has worked with others to help you through.  You may find that medicines, OTC’s, or supplements could help.  First talk with a professional and learn all of your options before self diagnosing and treating.  You do not want adverse reactions without a watchful eye.

No matter what you do, do something.  Do not hide away in your room.  I know it is so tempting.  I have done my fair share of hiding.  Should you need help, reach out!

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