The ABC’s of Motherhood ~ K is for Kind

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As a mother it is important to be so many things, but one of the most important things we need to be, I believe is kind.

Kindness can be seen in so many facets of our every day life, it has the ability to change the outlook on a day, the attitude of a mother or a child, and it can make or break our children’s spirits.


We have the choice to be kind through our words, the tones with which we speak, the actions we make, how we touch our children physically and even in the way we look at them.

It really is amazing how many different ways we have the opportunity to be kind to our children each day. As I’m writing this, I’m looking back over my day and seeing how many times I chose to be kind and where I could have improved in showing kindness to my children.

Ways to Be Kind to Your Children

  • Choose your words wisely. 

Take time to think through them mentally before speaking them.

  • Speak soft and gentle.

Even if the words to be spoken are difficult to speak or hear, the tone you use can be kind.

  • Allow your actions to be kind toward your children. 

How you respond to them can speak frustration and anger at times, breathe before you act to allow kindness to take it’s place.

  • Ensure that when you physically touch your child that it is kind. 

Children’s attitude and actions can be the result of how their parent physically touches them.

  • Our eyes can speak without words, look at your children with kindness in your eyes. 

There are times when we need to silently instruct our children, but a kind, instructive look will bring the actions we desire vs. an angry, fearful look.


We want our children to be kind to us and others, but we must remember that in order for them to know how to do this, we must be that example at home.

Take a moment and think….

Do you teach your child to be kind through your words, tones, actions, touch and looks?



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