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The ABC’s of Motherhood ~ E is for Encouragement

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Along this journey of motherhood, it can be easy to give in to things such as frustration, disappointment, expectations, and the like.

One very important fact that we tend to forget is that we were hand picked to be the mother of the children we have. God didn’t make a mistake. He knew we were what they needed. Period.

As a stay at home mom, I spend the majority of time with my children. I love it that way. I wouldn’t change it.

There is one thing that I know I must change, and I believe most mothers struggle with it as well.

My encouragement to my children.

Somewhere along the way we begin to expect our children to act a certain way, learn at a particular speed, or speak respectfully at all times. It is in the midst of these expectations that we forget how important a bit of encouragement is to everyone.

Our children need us to recognize the things that they are doing “right”, more than they need us to tell them what they are doing is wrong.


Something that we NEED to grasp is that encouraging our children can be done both in positive and negative situations.

We need to recognize their accomplishments and strengths in the positive, and we need to encourage them to become more like Christ in the negative.

Telling our children that what they are doing is wrong without giving them a solution on how to do things differently, is like getting in the car to drive somewhere you’ve never been without having directions.

Taking the time to share with our children how they can become more like Christ through their negative choices and actions, is a wonderful way to encourage them. Show your children by going through God’s word that there are other ways to handle things, better ways. This can change their lives, and can even impact others that they will come into contact with throughout their lives.

If all we speak is frustration, disappointment and anger to our children, then they will most likely become angry, frustrated and depressed adults. They will feel like they never measured up to us, so why should they even bother.

A mother’s encouragement is very important because our children look to us for the love and nurturing that God designed them to need. We must ensure that our words and actions encourage our children throughout their lives. They must know that we believe in them and we are confident that they can do all that God has planned for them, all the while pointing them to God’s word for direction and counsel.

How can you encourage your child today?

What ways do you show encouragement to your children?


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