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The ABC’s of Motherhood ~ F is for Forgiveness

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In the last post we discussed being encouraging as a mother. That can be difficult when your kiddos are testing your parenting capabilities. Yet, there is something that is harder than remembering to encourage your child in the midst of all their choices and/or actions.

When people are upset they tend to say or do things that they do not mean. Often times we are the recipient of these words and/or actions from our children.


As their mother we have to deal with the issue of behavior, but we also must choose to forgive.

Forgiveness is not easy to do, especially if the words and /or actions are hurtful and directed specifically toward you. Yet it is something that we MUST choose to do.

Forgiving our child for the words and actions that hurt us, frees us to be able to disciple them in love, not frustration or anger. By choosing to forgive our children we are pointing them to Christ by forgiving as He tells us.

Forgiveness is essential in parenting because bitterness will develop if we do not forgive them.

When we are struggling to forgive our children, it is then that we must go to the Lord in prayer, and look to Jesus’ example in His Word. Though forgiveness might seem impossible or the most difficult choice at the time, the bitterness that would come along would be more agonizing to deal with and get over later.

A bit of wisdom my mother shared with me has greatly helped me throughout the ugly words and/or actions that my children have thrown at me. “Just remember that they are little sinners.” That is so very true. Our children are sinners just like we are, and we must remember that throughout our motherhood journey.

We must ensure throughout their childhood that we disciple and guide them, pointing them to Christ through it all. It is through this guidance and discipleship that our children will gain the weapons to overcome the sin that so easily besets all of us.

Our forgiveness is very important to our children’s future. If we do not choose to forgive them, then the cycle will continue. They will become bitter adults and parents, then our grandchildren will be exposed to the same attitude, and on and on the cycle can go.

We have the choice to keep this cycle from starting and/or continuing.

If the cycle has already begun, then we must choose to stop it. We must be determined to change the cycle. Our thought process must be redirected, our words and actions must be reworked and our hearts must be softened.

As mothers, we must remember that God created us to be the comforting parent. If we grasp hold of bitterness and anger, then we are not fulfilling a calling God specifically designed us for.

If you are wondering how to keep this process from beginning, take my mother’s advice. Just remember that they are little sinners, just like you. They need us to disciple and guide them to be more like Christ.

We must choose to love them through it all, but not ignore the behavior. As mothers we must remember that discipleship is key, we must point them to Christ and His example. Our children will not find all the answers or perfection in us, so we must be sure to point them to the One that they should strive to be like.

Forgiveness will keep your heart open to the children God chose for you specifically. He will give you the comfort, strength and wisdom to disciple and guide them today, tomorrow and all the tomorrows to come.


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