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The ABC’s of Motherhood ~ N is for Nosey

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Yes, it is true. I believe that moms need to be nosey. Yes, I know that is not what the world tells us to do. I don’t care that the world doesn’t agree. As a mother I have my kids best interest in mind and everything we read, watch and do is thought through many times over. It is my job to ensure that their minds aren’t filled with things that overtake the Lord’s working in their lives. God gave my little blessings to me and with that comes the responsibility to point them to the Lord in all things. In order to do this I have to be nosey.

Diaries Aren’t for Hiding Things From Mom

All little girls want to have a diary and since I love to write I understand it completely. I never did get into writing in a diary every single day, but the desire to write I get. So, when my daughter expressed an interest in wanting a diary with a lock and key (which don’t work well fyi), I told her that she could have one, but that I would have access to it anytime I wanted.

As a mom I want my children to know they can tell me anything and I need them to know that they can. So by setting it up from the beginning that a diary isn’t meant for hiding things from mom, it kept me from having to go “digging”. She knows that it is meant to be shared with me. There have been times that I had to have difficult conversations with her about things she has written, times that she has been angry with her friends and even a time she mentioned a boy. I want her to have a place to write her thoughts, but I want to help guide her with those thoughts and feelings.

This is being a nosey mom and I believe it is a wonderful way to teach my daughter how to deal with the emotions that we often throw on paper and never really deal with the how, why and/or the ability to move through them.

No Cell Phones or Facebook

In this age of digital everything and though I am a blogger, my kids do not have cell phones or Facebook accounts. This does not mean they don’t know how to use the technology, it means that I don’t want them to have it right now.

Cell phones aren’t needed for my children as I am a stay at home mom, if I wasn’t the answer would be quite different, but the rules for it would be beyond strict. Bullying often happens via technology these days, so that is something all parents need to keep in mind. If your kids do have a cell phone, don’t just think it’s the text messages that you need to keep tabs on. There are SO many apps available now and most parents don’t know what they do or how to use them. We need to stay on top of these things in order to protect our kids.

Facebook is not something my children are in need of either and I don’t know that I will ever let them on. What began as a place to keep in touch with friends and family has blown up into something much different. Pages filled with scantily-clad women and topics that no child should come across, plus the ability to change your password and it be next to impossible to get in without it are the reasons I choose not to allow my kids on Facebook. It is also another place that bullying runs rampant.


These things might seem over the top in the nosey department for you, but the way I have set things up with my kids is that they don’t need to hide things from me. We talk about anything and everything. By setting it up this way ahead of time they don’t see these things as mom being nosey, they see it as part of our relationship. I truly believe that it is much more important today that we are nosey moms than it was in the past. Technology allows for so much more to be hid than in decades past. We are responsible for the children God has given us and we will be held accountable for all that we did and didn’t do. I know that it is every mom’s desire to be found faithful in keeping their children safe and raising them well. I hope you’ll join me in being a nosey mom to help us do so!



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