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My Two Best Friends

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We have talked about clutter and we have talked about routines. Now for my final tip I am going to tell you about 2 things I can not live without on my journey for better time management. They are my two best friends…………….

Time Management Tips

My Timer:

Now most people laugh when I say I can not function without my timer but oh how true it is. Now I have a timer on my computer and I have one on my microwave. Thankfully my house is small enough that the timer on the microwave can be heard all through the house. This one little device helps keeps things in check and balanced.

  • A timer keeps you focused. I am very easily distracted. I can start folding laundry only to remember that there are dishes in the sink. So naturally I run to the sink to wash the dishes only to remember there are dirty clothes in my bedroom. Please note at the end of the night I would end up exhausted and nothing done. So I set the timer. It is my unspoken rule that until the timer goes off I will stick with the task I am doing. As long as I use my timer I end the day less stressed and things actually get done.
  • A timer keeps me from wasting my time. If I sit down, log on to the internet or start watching television I can literally lose a whole day. Now if I sit I set the timer. Once the timer goes off then it is time to get up and start being awesome again. For bloggers this can be a heaven sent. I mean really I can not be the only blogger who gets lost reading blog posts, fb pages and emails. However once that timer says I am done that means I am done until my next break time.

My Calendars:

Yes I said calendars. I may or may not have an office supply addiction. I actually use three calendars to keep me on track.

  •  The Giant Calendar: Hanging in my kitchen that keeps track of all special events and happenings with my family. With a family of 6 I kinda felt I needed something big. There is nothing worse than forgetting an important outing, doctors appointment or a birthday!! This calendar is placed near my back door so that everyone can see all the events going on as we go about our day.
  • The Work Calendar: I keep extra children in my home. Their schedules are always changing so I have a calendar that keeps track of when they are suppose to be at my house. It also keeps track of their account information so that I never have to guess how much to make invoices out for.
  • The Complete Blog Planner: Now this happens to be available right here in the store on this site and can I just say that it is amazing. It has a calendar to keep track of post that need to go out on both my personal site as well as all my other sites I contribute to. It also has a place to keep up with my stats and well anything int he world you may ever need as a blogger.

A mom has a million things going through their minds. It is no wonder we need to do lists, timers and calendars to keep track of things. I hope that my two best friends will become your new best friends and that you find they cause you as comfort as they do me.

Until Next Time Just Keep Soaring 4 Him,


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