Yearning is a normal part of the motherhood journey.

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The ABC’s of Motherhood – Y is for Yearn

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It isn’t uncommon for a mother to yearn for things throughout her journey of motherhood. While what we yearn for is often changing based on where we are on our journey, how old our children are, the lifestyle we live, etc. It is normal for a mother to yearn for things to change, for patience and grace, for children to behave better…on and on the list could go.

Yearning is a normal part of the motherhood journey.

What we must ensure is that our yearnings do not bring us to the place of dissatisfaction or disappointment. We must remember that while our yearnings may be natural, they also may not be in tune with reality.

A couple examples of yearning not based on reality…

If you have a toddler that is struggling with temper tantrums, it isn’t likely that you’ll be able to sit down and talk in depth about why we don’t act that way. You may yearn for him to behave himself “like a big boy”, the reality is that he isn’t there yet. Yes,  you can teach him not to act that way, but it will take training and time. There simply is no button to push or switch to flip from toddler to “big boy”. 

You yearn for your teenager to make wise decisions in the dating world, but yet you haven’t taken the time to have an honest talk with them about what you expect, things they should look out for, etc. If you haven’t prepared them for things they will face in their dating life then chances are they will make mistakes because they were ill prepared for the situations they’ll face. You simply can not expect your yearning for good decisions from your teenagers when they haven’t been taught. 

So, what do we do with the motherly yearnings we have? How can we use them to better ourselves on this amazing journey? When will we be able to see the things we yearn for come to fruition?

First, we must take them to the Lord in prayer. Sometimes our yearnings can be placed on our hearts by the Lord, it can be a way He is directing us. We need to ensure that our first response is to seek Him, His will and His direction. Only when we see things through God’s eyes can we truly see His plan. 

Next, we can use our yearnings to better ourselves by ensuring that we are not expecting something from someone else that we are not willing to give or do ourselves. As moms if we desire our children to act a certain way then we must do the same. 

Finally, we don’t know when we’ll see our yearning come to fruition. This is when faith, patience and trust in the Lord comes into play. If the thing for which we yearn is truly of the Lord’s will then He will bring it to pass, but we may not know when that will be, so we must wait on Him. 

As we journey through motherhood we will yearn for things for ourselves, our children, our husbands, our lives, our homes and much more. We must be careful to ensure that we don’t get caught up in yearning for things and not living the daily blessing of every day life.


What kinds of things do you find yourself yearning for on your journey through motherhood?



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