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The ABC’s of Motherhood – Z is for Zealous

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Everyone has something that they are zealous about in life. They’re driven to pursue it because they are passionate about it. As mothers, what are we zealous about? What do we find ourselves pursuing passionately?

The ABC's of Motherhood - Z is for Zealous

It is so easy to get caught up in the daily tasks that “must” be completed and the needs of our church and community, though these are good things for us to be a part of at times…how many of us are zealously pursuing these activities and forgetting the first calling God has given us?

As Christians we want to make a difference in this world for Christ, and that is part of our calling from the Lord as Christians, but as wives and mothers our priorities must be in our home. Our relationships with our husbands and our children are what we need to be zealously pursuing.

Somehow along the way women have begun to feel like being a wife and a mom isn’t enough. I know that I struggle sometimes with the thought that what I’m doing at home with my children, my husband and in my home is not enough.  That I’m not making a difference in the world, that what I’m doing doesn’t really matter. While these are my feelings and thoughts (and maybe yours too), they simply aren’t true.

God created us to be mothers and when we don’t zealously pursue our God given calling, we’re missing out on His blessings for not only ourselves, but for our entire family. We need to ensure that the majority of our time is spent with our families, not outside our home during various ministries and activities. Our lives need to be filled with a zealous pursuit of wonderful family relationships.

Motherhood is an amazing journey and it will take you through highs and lows, sunshine and rain, mountain top experiences and dark valley difficulties. Yet, this is our calling and we need to live in zealous pursuit of being the mother that God created us to be…the mother that we truly long to be.


It has been a blessing to share my heart on motherhood through this series here, if you’re just seeing this post, you can find the links to the rest of the ABC’s of Motherhood posts below.

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B is for Blessed

A is for Admonish







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