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The ABC’s of Motherhood ~ G is for Grace

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The most important thing aside from salvation itself that God has given us is grace. His amazing grace that pardons and frees us from all our sins. The very grace that we need for each and every day we live.

With the grace God has so blessedly bestowed upon us, why are we not always quick to extend grace to others? Not even to the little ones God has used to bless and enrich our lives…


Our days are filled with opportunities for us to show grace to our children. Opportunities which we often label as “difficulties” or “struggles” instead. Times where we often miss the chance to be gracious, instead of harsh or solely disciplinary.

What if we were to first show grace, as God does with us? What if before we speak or react, we reach out and hold them tight, telling them how much we love them and what a blessing they are to us?

Think with me for a moment……

The last time you chose to walk your own road, do your own thing or say what you wanted without seeking God’s direction…..

How did He respond?

Did He ignore your cries of “I’m sorry” or “Forgive me”? Did He discipline you first without trying to speak to you? Did He push you away when you longed for Him to hold you in His arms?

Did He do any of this after you’d let Him down….again?

As mothers, we have the humbling privilege to raise the children God created for us specifically. With this privilege comes the responsibility of pointing our children to Jesus. We are the Jesus they see. We must strive to have our actions and words lined up with who He is, if we do not commit to doing so, we will have failed to successfully point them to Christ.

We will not be perfect in any way, of that we can be certain. We are human just as the little ones alongside us. Yet, we must be resolved to ensure our words and actions be laced with love and grace. For that is who our Savior is, and who we must strive to be like.

Grace breathes when the milk is spilled all over the floor…again. Grace releases frustration when they get out of bed…again. Grace frees you from the stress of explaining the same math problem…5 times.

God’s grace allows you to hold your children close even though you’ll fail Him and them…again…and again.



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