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The ABC’s of Motherhood ~ S is for Strict

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As a mom there are times we have to be “the bad guy”, enforcing rules because we love our children and desire only good things for the. Yet, to our kids and even sometimes others looking in we appear “strict”.

Personally, it’s a label that I am ok with. If being a strict mom means I keep my kids from getting into mischief at a young age then it will save my heart some aching in the teenage years. If being a strict mom means I keep my teenagers from giving their heart away (and possibly more), then it will save them later heartache as adults.

Being strict doesn’t mean you keep your kids from doing anything at all. It doesn’t mean you’re ruining their lives. It doesn’t mean you don’t want them to have fun and it doesn’t mean you don’t want them to grow up and have a life of their own.


How Being a Strict Mom Benefits Your Kids

Choosing to be a strict mom teaches our kids many things, such as…

  • How to follow rules and instruction

Both which they’ll need to know from the time they get their first job and throughout their entire lives.

  • They’ll learn tough love and see what it looks  like

Someday they’ll be parents and will need to do many of the same things with their kids, they will need to know how.

  • They’ll discover mom has wisdom and see it in action. 

Likely things we keep our kids from continue to play out even if they aren’t involved. When our suspicions and/or concerns actually reveal themselves to be true, our kids will see it.

  • They’ll learn we just want the best for them

When we hold our ground as a strict mom, we must take time and talk to our kids about why we don’t want them to do something. (Explaining in an age appropriate way when necessary, too much detail depending on the situation could bring forth unnecessary curiosity).


Young children do best with routine, that’s why moms stick to a strict nap schedule and bedtime. As our children grow up we just relocate our strictness from routine to rules. Older kids need rules…boundaries. They need to know and learn them because without them, they’ll be in a big world where the bad is seen as good and if it feels good or makes you happy then you should do it, no matter the consequences or wrongness of the situation. Without rules and boundaries they’ll run into much bigger problems than a strict mom.

Enduring the words of anger form a child as a strict mom is not an easy task nor for the faint of year. Yet, no part of motherhood really is, is it?

Children left with little to no direction, rules or boundaries often end up going down roads no matter dreams of them seeing. In order for us to do our best to prevent that we must be strict…enforcing rules…putting up boundaries to guide, direct and protect our children, both their lives and their hearts.

We must remember that no mother can fully protect or keep their child from pain or mistakes, but it is our duty as mothers to teach and train our children, to prepare them for their own lives. Leaving our children to their own desires and without direction is not part of our calling as moms.

Being a strict mom won’t be easy, but the rewards will likely be great! Ensure that you pray, pray, pray for your children each and every day, that is the best girl we can give them. It is the best way to make a difference in their lives today and in the future. God answers a mother’s prayers because He wants the best for their children, even more than they know!


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