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ABC’s of Homeschooling: F is for Frugal

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Welcome back to the ABC’s of Homeschooling Series.  I am thrilled to have you here.  You can get caught up with us by going to THIS LINK.

F is for Frugal

When you hear the word frugal I am sure that homeschool curriculum doesn’t come to mind.  Why?  Because often times it is expensive.

If you are like me you agonize over what you are going to use for the coming school year starting a week into the current year!  You want to make sure you have everything mapped out and ready to go.  You want to be sure that your children are learning what they need to.  And most of all you want to be sure that you are saving money.

Tips for saving money on homeschool curriculum

Some of the ways I am most frugal when it comes to homeschooling are:

  • Buy used: You can find used curriculum in many Facebook Groups, and swaps.  There are many websites dedicated to selling used homeschool curriculum, such as THIS ONE.
  • Swap with a friend: If you have a friend who also homeschools ask about swapping curriculum that you enjoyed at the end of the year.  It is a great way to get new things in your hands without having to go to a ton of expense.
  • Shop Bundle Sales: There are many bundle sales throughout the year to buy different pieces of homeschool curriculum in one fail swoop.  THIS is my personal favorite.  This year is going to be awesome as they are having new categories!  Get your coupon HERE!
  • Buy Non Consumable: Buying material that isn’t written on or in is a great way to re-use.  You can often use it with a younger child or resale it.
  • Free sites: Did you know there are sites out there that focus on offering FREE homeschool curriculum and great deals?  Find a list HERE
  • Look at it as an investment: It is your child’s education after all.  You may want to look at buying higher end curriculum as an investment.  I think that is awesome!

Build Your Bundle 2015 Pre-Sale GraphicNo matter how you decide to be frugal when shopping for curriculum or planning your school year, be sure to do so prayerfully.  Enjoy your children!  Learn and live together.  It isn’t the amount of money you spend on their education that matters, it is the amount of time you invest in their hearts!


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Stephanie is a thirty-something, homeschooling mom of two, that married her best friend in 2003. She is the owner and founder of The Multi Taskin’ Mom, Homeschooling on Accident, and Homeschool Printables for Free. Her passion for helping homeschooling moms turned her writing hobby into a full-time job. Since 2013, she has devoted her free time to creating homeschool helps, printables, and a character curriculum: My Character Matters.

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