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Confessions of a Notebook Addict

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Last week I shared with you about the planners I use and how I am slightly addicted to them.  Today I wanted to share another addiction with you – notebooks!

At any given time you can find me with pens and notebooks by my side.  I am an old-school pen and paper kind of girl.  While I appreciate my tech gadgets, phone, and tablets, I am just not one for having notes and dates saved digitally.  I can see how it would be beneficial, I just can’t get used to it.

Confessions of a Notebook Addict and Some Great Resources for other Planner Addicts and Newbies

When I say I have notebooks, I mean that I don’t have just a couple.  I have a couple for each task/project!!!  Wanna know what notebooks I have and how I use them?

How I use Notebooks

I have an Erin Condren notebook that I use as my blog brain.  I keep notes and brain dumps in there.  I keep track of things I may want to write about, books I want to complete, and the like.  Along with that note book I have a project planning notebook.  I use a mini binder for for this.  I have included to-do list inserts and project notes with dividers.  I am able to keep myself organized and on track using both of these notebooks together.  It helps me to see exactly what is coming up to work on.  Bear in mind I use these along with my planners.  It seems like a lot of paper work but it really isn’t.

When I use my notebooks I am able to keep a written account of everything I do and plan to do.  It is how I can look back and see where I started and where I am going.  It is a lot like a business scrapbook.  The use of flags, sticky notes, and clip things in that I need to keep or be reminded of.

I also use notebooks for our homeschool.  I know you are shocked!  I have a notebook from FIVE STAR that I use to track our grades, attendance, current curriculum, etc…  I can keep receipts, papers to be filed, and the like in the pockets.  It is perfect for people like me who need to have things right in front of them.  I really like this notebook because it works like a binder.  The rings open and I can place the pages in that I need and remove the ones I don’t but it isn’t hard and bulky like a binder.

I have a notebook for the house as well.  It is the same notebook that I use for school.  I keep a running list of bills to be paid and balances.  Our check register is in there.  All of my notes, passwords, and emails listed.  It will be great in the instance that we have a family emergency and need something located quickly.  More on this in the future!

Notebooks you will love and resources for you!

Do you use multiple notebooks in your home?  How do you use them?

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