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We all know how important it is to have a date night with our husbands. Sometimes we forget it is just important to have dates with our children.

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A Different Type Of Date Night

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Early on my husband and I agreed that we must have a date night. As our family kept growing we discovered that no longer could we really afford date nights out as often so we switched to date nights in. We found that even though the money grew tighter we had to find the time to connect with each other without it always being about our children.

We all know how important it is to have a date night with our husbands. Sometimes we forget it is just important to have dates with our children.

Something that did not cross my mind is that my children also needed this same type of attention. Now don’t get me wrong I play with my children often, I cuddle with them and I even talk with them (who knew right). Of course I do all these things because well I am at home with them 24/7. Sadly, as a mom I don’t always get to do these things with just one person at a time. Therefore, they are not connecting with me on a level that I would like for them to.


That is when my husband and I devised a wonderful idea. Date nights with the kids. Sounds easy enough right. Think again. After all I am just one person. So we decided that my husband would also join in. My husband and I decided that we would alternate. He would take out one child then the next week I would take out one child. Eventually we both would make a complete rotation around all the children.

So What Have We Discovered As A Family?

Our children are beginning to realize that there is more to us then just the parental side that they see day to day. They are discovering not only are we fun but that we also understand various things that are going on with them. Our children are beginning to understand that each one of them whole a special place in our hearts and that they all are more then just one of the kids we tend to.

As parents we are learning more and more about what makes each individual child tick. We are able to see where we are failing short on our parenting journey and were we are going right. We are also learning more about the things that truly excite each individual child. This is proving to be especially helpful when it is time for me to plan for school.

As a whole family unit this new date night idea is causing us all to bond together like never before. As each child feels more and more validated as an individual they are actually not fighting with each other as much. As a whole we are simply a lot more connected.

10 Ideas To Get You Started:

When we first started out we totally had no idea what it is that we could do. Again our budget does not allow expensive nights out. So one thing we have done is that on a child’s particular date night they get to stay up later so that they can get mom or dad all to themselves.

  • Watch a favorite movie together. Sometimes we even get to watch something from our own childhood.
  • Do a cooking project together.
  • Game night.
  • A trip to the park together.
  • Go on a hike.
  • Sit together and do an art project together.
  • Build something together.
  • Do errands together.
  • Simply drive around looking at different scenery.
  • Go for a walk.

Until Next Time Just Keep Soaring 4 Him,


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