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Embracing Our Ever Changing Appearance

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“What happened to your hair?” My baby brother asked me after not seeing me for a couple months. I looked at him dumb founded for a bit. “What do you mean?” I asked to which he replied “It’s all grey now man if this is what kids do to ya then I am going to have to rethink having any”. Now please note he was not being hurtful. In fact this is the kind of playful banter we have both done to each other since we were little. And yet when I can home I quickly felt the need to check out all this grey hair he was talking about.

Embracing Our Ever Changing Outward Appearance



Starring back at me was sure enough the grey hairs that used to be a once dark brown. As I looked even further I see wrinkles around my eye, laugh lines, slight bags under my eyes and a round face that used to be some what sculpted when I was younger. I knew that having children had taken a toll on my body. I see the stretch marks every time I shower. However those make me smile because I am reminded if it weren’t for this disfigurement my babies would not occupy my home. And I knew I had put on a few pounds (ok a lot of pounds). And yet as horrified as I was looking at this woman in the mirror. Realizing that no longer did I have the looks of my youth. I could not help but to smile. Yes age crept up on me. But as I looked at the greys and all my other body changes I was reminded that each grey hair was a piece of wisdom earned. The pounds where there because I am able to eat. The bags under my eyes where from long nights comforting my babies. The wrinkles were a sign that I was living life and the laugh lines where there because I am enjoying this life to the max.

Yes having children is worth it!! Because though my body may be worn my soul is full. I do not regret one grey hair, wrinkle or that wonderful road map on my tummy. If given the choice I would always chose having my babies over all the vanity things in the world. I have it under great authority (my husband) that even though we has moms go through these changes they only make our husbands love us that much more. Because you see in their eyes we are the same young girls they fell in love with. The only difference is we chose to become even more than a pretty face because we chose to marry them and to have their children.

So instead of running out to buy that hair coloring so that you can continue to look young embrace those grey hairs because you earned each one. (Unless dying your hair is part of a pampering session and you are doing it just for you.) Don’t worry about buying tons of creams to hide those lines instead look at each one as an adventure that you have had. Take comfort in knowing that though your body may not be what it used to be it is because it was home to each and every one of your precious little ones. Above all know that no matter what your outer appearance many be you are a Child of God and that makes you beautiful.

Until Next Time Just Keep Soaring 4 Him,


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