Fairy Stories Writing Prompts

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What child doesn’t love the idea of fairies and fairy magic?  I know that me and my children love to pretend that they are out there just waiting to keep up our flowers and take care of the woodland animals.  We even have a toadstool bird bath and a start of a fairy garden.  Their is nothing better to spark the creativity and imagination of a child than to think of something that doesn’t exist but could.

Fairy Stories will spark creativity and keep them excited about writing

This pack is designed so that your child takes the lead on their writing assignments.  Each page has an intro to a story based around a fairy and their lives.  Your child can then develop the story to be anything they want.

Also included are blank pages with just the fairy or fairy home and no prompt.  This allows the more creative child the ability to really make up, or even add to their stories.

You can combine pages to make stories however you want.  Do not feel limited by the layout of the pack.  Print what you need and leave the rest or print it as a full book and have your child work chunk by chunk.  The sky is the limit.

Grab your Fairy Stories Writing Prompts Now

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