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Family Game Night Fun

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My nephew, Mr. Math, was down for a visit, my boys wanted to share our family game night fun with him. The kids decided to play Headbanz and I added a little extra fun for the night!


 Headbands T-Shirts

For our first project, we made t-shirts. We used really cheap white shirts and fabric markers I already had. In order to keep the ink from running to the other side, I had the boys use a piece of form board in the shirt. I let the boys decorate their shirts however they wanted as long as it related to the Headbanz game.


Headbands Pizzas

I cut tortillas into rectangles to look like the cards in the game. I cooked the tortillas in the oven until they were brown.  This was the pizza crust. I gave the boys pizza sauce and various vegetables, meats, and cheeses. Each boy made a picture on his pizza and the other boys had to guess what it was. I then cooked the pizzas in the oven until the cheese was melted.  I used two slices of bacon on each side to make it look like a Headbanz.


Headbands Cookies

I bought rectangle cookies at the store. The boys decorated them with a picture as well. I used long fruit strings to make them look like Headbandz.


Playing Headbanz

After they finished playing with their food, they enjoyed playing the game! They had a great family game night and made lots of memories.

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