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FREE Hide And Seek Lowercase Phonics Game

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Hi Amazing Mamas!  Sandra here from Little Learning Lovies.  I have a very special game for you today that is completely free and would be perfect to add to your preschool or kindergarten learning.  Bear with me here: It does have a rather long name.  As I explain, though, you’ll see why!  (Feel free to recommend a shorter name if you can think of one!)  ♥  Without further preamble, let’s learn all about our Hide And Seek Puzzle Game: Phonics – Lowercase Letters.  (See… I told you it was long!)

What is a ‘Hide And Seek Puzzle Game’?

You know, I just knew you were going to ask that question!  So here’s the scoop.

Puzzle pieces (provided in the PDF file!) are hidden inside adorable pockets (little envelopes without flaps, also provided in the PDF!).  Now, not every pocket will have a puzzle piece.  In fact, depending on which puzzle you choose to use, most of the pockets will not have a puzzle piece in them!  And that’s good.  🙂

Each pocket has a question side, which you place face up on a flat surface.  Then the child points to a pocket, answers the question and if they are correct, they get to pick up the pocket and check to see if they found a puzzle piece.  As they find the puzzle pieces, they put the puzzle together.  Once the puzzle is complete, the game is over.

This game is fantastic played with one player or played in a group.  There is no winner.  Everyone is working as a team to finish the puzzle, so everyone can feel great together when it’s finished!

What does ‘Phonics: Lowercase Letters” mean?


I originally designed this alphabet game so that you could have children identify the letter and say what sounds each letter makes.  But here are a few ideas for things to ask:

Have the children:

  • Identify (name) the letter.
  • Say all the sounds that letter can make
  • Say any word that begins with that letter
  • Say a word that ends in that letter
  • Name the letter that comes before the chosen letter
  • Name the letter that comes after the chosen letter
  • What other ideas can you think of?

What about the uppercase letters?

There IS an uppercase set.  And you can get it for free!  Once you’ve grabbed the Lowercase Letters, I invite you to go see the Uppercase Letters version!  They make a great set and can be combined into one single game if you’d like!

Ready to get your copy of our Hide And Seek Puzzle Game: Phonics – Lowercase Letters?

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I hope you enjoy it! ♥


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