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Keeping Our Sanity

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How many of you mom’s are like me and feeling a little over worked. I was just sitting here thinking about the past month and I don’t believe I had any moments to just breathe. Between birthday’s ( we have 3 in one month) , Valentines Day, Church activities, writing duties, household duties and well I think you get the picture.

Ways to keep your sanity

Life is not suppose to be this crazy!! One of the main reasons I think we are all running around crazy is our inability to say no. I have caught myself more than once agreeing to do things not because I have the time but because I am always afraid to disappoint someone. Doing a favor for a friend is wonderful and can be a blessing. If that favor is chipping away at your sanity however then it truly is not worth it. It is in those moments that blessing becomes a burden. Dare to say no my friends!! Another reason I think we all just don’t have time is because we lack good time management. I have found I can get so much more done if I make a plan of attack and the stick to it! However like most I allow myself to get sucked into time wasters and then before you know it there goes my whole day. In the world of so many time suckers we really need to be careful how we are spending our time. After all our time is valuable and precious. Now let me share some ways to keep our sanity…….

Ways To Keep Our Sanity

Ways To Keep Our Sanity:

  1. Write out a list: Start the day with a list that you hope to get accomplished. Will that list all get done? Maybe not but it will keep you on track. List those domestic items down, kids activities and work related things. Bask in the success of being able to cross things off that list. Reward yourself when you accomplish your list. (Mine is a bowl of ice cream and for those who know me know I will work my fingers to the bone for it )
  2. Set a schedule for yourself: Since my writing plate is starting to fill up I am currently working on setting myself up some “office” hours. I already have myself scheduled for cleaning and other areas so this is the one I am still trying to find a balance for. When you have  schedule it is easy to know when you can do extra and when you just have to say no.
  3. Make sure you have down time: I have one friend who takes Tuesday nights off. I myself take Sunday’s off. It doesn’t matter when you do it the main thing is that you do make sure to do it. We need these times to breathe. Otherwise we aren’t going to be able to give everything our best.
  4. Don’t sweat the small stuff: It is so easy to get caught up on things that aren’t really that important. Do I need to have a home that is clean? Yes. Does it need to look like it should be in a Bette Homes and Garden’s magazine? Nope.
  5. Purchase and use a timer: Set a timer for those times you sit down to enjoy those time suckers (mine happens to be FB). I generally set my timer for 45 mins to work and then give myself 15 mins to play. This is what work for me. It doesn’t matter what time limit you set for yourself as long as you remember work before play 🙂
  6. Remember you can’t do everything: As a mom of 4 I am quickly learning I can’t do everything all the time. As hard as I may try I am not super mom. Before taking on new projects check your schedule. Also don’t be afraid to as for help. My poor husband has stepped in more than once to bail me out. Did I like accepting defeat? No. Did I feel better once it was all done? Yep.

Hang in there mom’s I am right there with you in the trenches. But with the right mindset we CAN do this!!


Until Next Time Just Keep Soaring 4 Him,


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