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Mommy Blues

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*Sigh* It is that time of year. The time when I get the blues. The time I feel like I need to cling to my older two children tight. Summer days have come to an end, and for those of us that have public school children – they are back to school. Unlike other moms though, I am not clicking my heals in excitement. Actually, each day that goes by, I miss them more and more. I have the Mommy Blues.

Mommy Blues

When the last day of summer rolls around, I begin to feel the Mommy Blues come on. We rush around trying to get everyone ready to go back to school. The last week of summer just feels rushed. I blink – and it is the night before school starts. Two of our three are going back to public school, and so when dinner comes and goes, the blues set in.

You know the feeling. You get it at birthdays or other big occassions your kids go through. You sit down in your chair to relax for a bit – and your mind begins to go. You think about how sweet she looked in her tutu, or how cute he was on the first day of kindergarten. Now, they are going into high school and middle school. She has traded her princess crown for pom poms, and he has decided girls are not so yucky. Yes, you blinked, and they are now grown.

Then, you start looking through the pictures of summer. Ah, summer. You had some great times with your kiddos. From vacations to pj days, to getting messy in the kitchen – they were careless and free. Just kids. Now, they are going back to the pressures of school and friends. Their sweet dispositions and calm spirits are about to meet the things that get them (and you) riled up.

Slowly, they each come down to tell you good night – and the blues kick it up a notch. You hug and kiss their sweet selves and send them up to bed.

The next morning, you wake up with a little rain cloud over your head. You help get them out the door – and then you pray.

You pray and ask God to keep them safe this year.

You ask God to use them as missionaries in their school.

You ask God to give you back your babies. Sadly, the answer to that one is no, but you press on.

Yes, it is okay to have Mommy Blues when they go back to school. It is okay to be a little excited about all they will get to do this year- but it is okay to miss them too.

Just a few hours Mama, and they will be home. Friday afternoon is coming too. You can make it.

It is okay to have the Mommy Blues.

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