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A Season of Division in Motherhood

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When my children were younger they thought I had all the answers. When they are younger they are almost certain that their mother is some kind of miracle worker that is unstoppable. Then one day we put them to bed and they wake up realizing that we are flawed and that we, in fact, are figuring out life just like them. In that moment something shifts. We enter a season of division.

Unable to control their new found hormones and to absorb their new found knowledge they begin to lash out. They lash out not because they no longer love us or view us as important. That isn’t it at all. They do so because they are desperately trying to discover themselves and they are trying to assert their individual selves. They are confused and are almost certain that we are trying to hold them back.

A Season of Division in Motherhood and Things You Can Do As A Mom

Knowing all this doesn’t help our hearts, though. It doesn’t make it all better and in some cases, it makes us want to cry. We long to remove the division and yet we can’t. We have been on the paths that they are beginning to embark and we feel powerless to stop them. We then have to come to terms with the fact that we simply can’t stop them and that we must be willing to allow them to go on their own journey and fail. We have to take comfort in the fact that when they do fail that they know we will be right there to pick them back up again and dust them off. After all, we have been preparing them for this thing called life since the day they were placed in our homes for the first time.

 So What Can We Do In The Meantime?

We have to trust that what we have taught them, the values that we have worked so hard to instill within their hearts will stick.

We have to remind ourselves that they really don’t view us as the enemy. They are simply trying to find themselves and they want/need to do it alone.

We have to know that this is a struggle that all parents face. We are not alone in this because no one is immune to the great beast know has teenage hormones.

We have to remember that this is only for a season. Our child will not always be this way. They will always need us and at the end of this particular season, they will come back to us and appreciate us even more.

We have cling to God. Pray and pray often for them and ourselves. That growth will happen in both of your hearts and that at the end of this that you will not only be closer to each other but with God.

In every motherhood journey, there will be a season where there will be division. However, as in most things, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Until Next Time Just Keep Soaring 4 Him,

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