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Snow Much Fun! – Winter Homeschooling

I don’t know where you live in the world, but our family lives in the prairies in Canada so here in January there’s plenty of snow and cold. Since we have months and months of it, we’ve had some fun over the years learning about ice and snow and learning to love it because it’s “snow much fun”!


First, let me share with you some of our favourite snowy stories and resource books! These are wonderful books to curl up and enjoy with your children.

Books to Enjoy

The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder: This is a wonderful reference book for children about some of the science behind snow and snowflakes and how to study them more closely. We were fascinated by the great information in here.

Snow: A fun story about a boy and his imagination and all the fun he was able to have in the snow around his neighbourhood.

Thomas’ Snowsuit: A wonderfully silly story about a boy who did not like to wear his snowsuit! Written by one of our favourite Canadian children’s authors, Robert Munch, this is a family treasure.

Snowflake Bentley: The story of Wilson Bentley and his fascination with snowflakes and determination to photograph them to captivate their beauty.

There are so many more that we’ve found in our library to enjoy – and I’m sure you will find many others as well.

Once you’ve done some reading it’s time for some hands on fun!

Science Ideas

How Much Water is in Snow?

The answer may surprise  you! Try this experiment. Take a container full of snow and have your kids mark on the side of the container how much water they think will be left in the container after the snow melts. Then set it aside and let it melt. When that’s done, go back and see whose guess was the closest. Can you explain the results?

Melting snowMelting snow_resized

How does the air temperature affect the melting of ice?

Take 3 bowls and put an ice cube in each one. Place one bowl on the counter at room temperature. Place another in the refridgerator. Place the 3rd on a heating vent or in a warm place. Every half hour (or other interval you prefer) go and check on your 3 ice cubes. Which one is melting fastest? Slowest? How long did it take for each one to completely melt. What conclusions can you draw from the data you collected?

ice melting_resized

Outdoor Art Projects

Snow Painting

Find some squeeze bottles or spray bottles, fill them with water and add some drops of food colouring. Send the kids outside to create their masterpieces! Take lots of pictures to remember their fun. (This was a snow angel getting a bit of colour – I know that’s a little hard to make out!)

Snow art_resized

Ice Candles

Fill up some containers with water and if you wish, add some food colouring. Place them outside and let them start to freeze. After several hours (before they’re completely frozen) bring them inside. Take them out of their containers (carefully… and over a sink) and let any of the water in the centre drain out leaving an ice candle holder. Put a tea light candle inside and use them to light your doorway or your path to your house one evening when you’re expecting company. This is such a beautiful winter accent to your home.

freezing ice candle holders_resized


frozen candle holder_resized

candles at the door_resized

Indoor Art Projects


I haven’t met a kid yet who didn’t enjoy playing with play-doh so why not make a batch of snow-doh to enjoy. This is my favourite recipe for homemade play-doh. It’s super easy and really flexible. For snow-doh just omit adding any food colouring and, for some extra sparkle add some glitter from your local craft or dollar store to give it a little glimmer. We made batches of these as part of a treat bag one year sent home from one of my son’s birthday parties that had a snowman theme.

3D Snowflakes

Most of us as children learned how to make paper snowflakes, but a few years ago I found out about 3D snowflakes and they were really fun to try. They’re a little more work (although less messy because you don’t have all those itty bitty pieces of paper all over the place like traditional paper snowflakes) but the results are so beautiful! I found you a tutorial for those on youtube.


Food Fun

Edible Snowballs

Make your own delicious snowballs! This simple recipe is easy enough for little hands to help you and so much fun to make… and eat!


Crispie Snowmen

With a simple rice crispie treat recipe and some candy add ons you and your children can have lots of fun making their own indoor snowmen for snack time or for a snow themed party!

crispie snowmen2_resized

Snowmen Pancakes

We made these yummy fellows one day when all the public school kids had a snow day. Even though we could’ve done school (since we homeschool) somedays you just need to change it up and have a little fun!  After all, who doesn’t love a snow day?

Snowman pancakes_resized


Do you have snow in winter where you live? What does your family like to do in the snow? Even if you don’t get snow some of these activities would be a great way to learn more about snowy winters.

After all, it’s snow much fun!




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