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Tackling The Clutter

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Since motherhood seems to go hand in hand with balancing, children, home and oh so many things I thought I might open to you, to help us balance everything.

I am sure we have all have said “there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done”. Well in this series I will be sharing some tips and tricks that I have learned that will in fact help you make the most of your day and leaving you feeling like you have moved mountains without losing your mind in the process.

There is no need to be to be embarrassed about clutter, we all have it.

Clutter is all around us. All those clothes we have hung onto because we just know we are going to get back in them, tons of cooking utensils we never use, toys that go unloved and well the list could really go on and on.

A lot of times this clutter leaves us feeling overwhelmed. . .

It makes us feel like we have cleaned and cleaned but still the house looks a mess. This is because you just can’t clean clutter and end up with the feeling of clean.

When we get overwhelmed we then start backsliding on all of our other duties. After all what’s the point right? Well today we are going to talk about ways to get rid of this clutter and take back control.

Tips For A Clutter Free You:

Do you need it, use it or just absolutely love it

Often times we accumulate things because we are afraid to hurt someone’s feelings. Or maybe we got an upgrade on something and yet we hold on to the older model because we just may need it someday. When you start this process I suggest attacking the visual things. Counters, shelves and such. Look at each item…..Do you need it? Keep it……Do you use it often?

Then keep it out otherwise think about how much you use it. Chances are if you only use it 6 months then you really don’t need it. If you use it once every week or month then try to find a less visible spot for it. Do you love it? I often tell my children if you haven’t played with it for a month or two then it is time to get rid of it. Trinkets that make you smile because they take you to a happy place are a keeper. Trinkets that do not flood you with memories may be best rehomed. Use 3 bag, boxes or baskets and label them toss, keep or giveaway.

As you go through put the items you find where they fit best. If you are going to keep it find a home for them, tossing goes in the trash, giveaway pile needs to go in your car immediately otherwise you may never get rid of it.Once visible clutter is gone you can tackle those not so easy to see places

 Take Your Time

Some can de-clutter a room in a day others will have to take a month. The fact is all the clutter didn’t get there in a day and it is not going anywhere in a day. Try setting a timer for 30 mins a day to de-clutter. See how well you did in that time frame. Take pride in your small victories because those lead to the giant victory.

Places to take all your giveaway things

There are many places and people who would love to have what you no longer need. Here is a few to get your brain moving.

  • Women Rescue Centers: These places are always looking for women’s clothing, household supplies and extra toiletries. Not to mention they are helping women who are coming out of abusive situations start over. Sometimes they will also take old toys as well.
  • Goodwill: Now I really don’t like taking things here because they turn around and sell what they have gotten for free. However I will because they sell the items to help others learn skills to get jobs. So over all it is still good to do. And they will take anything!!
  • Salvation Army: Mainly they will take coats and clothes. Sometimes closer to the holidays they will accept toys (although these must be gently used). They distribute them to families in need.
  • Homeless Shelter: They will take coats, clothes and bedding. This will be used to care for those who come through their doors daily and nightly.

I know that once you get started it will be overwhelming but it is a step in the right direction to balancing everything. Because once the clutter is out it will cut your cleaning time dramatically. Next month I will be back to talk about routines 😉



Until Next Time Just Keep Soaring 4 Him,



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