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Tame the Clutter

Does this sound all too familiar?  There are socks, coats, bowls, cups, and other items scattered throughout the house.

The bathroom looks like it blew up with toiletry items and used towels.

There are couch pillows and throws scattered about in the living room.

The homeschool area has books and papers everywhere.

Your children’s rooms – well we won’t go there.

Does your family seem oblivious to how the house looks?  Well there is a simple way to tame the clutter and have your family’s cooperation.  Honest!

How to Tame the Clutter in your Home and Save some of Your Sanity

Every home has clutter from one time to another.  Add homeschooling to the mix and the home becomes cluttered even faster.  Soon mom becomes frustrated and raises her voice, while tension fills the home.  The children decide it is best to help out but that does not last long.  It seems like it is a never ending cycle.

A few years ago, I came across a suggestion on how to tame the clutter in the home.  It was to use a clutter basket.

How to Tame Clutter:

    • You may use any type of container you wish as long as it is large enough to contain multiple-sized items.
    • Explain to your children how this process works.
    • You place the mislaid items into the basket as you find them throughout the day.  I know it seems you are doing all the work but keep reading.
    • Leave the basket in a noticeable area in your home.
    • Your children must remove their possessions and put the items where they belong before the end of the day.
    • Whatever is left in the basket at the end of the day goes into the trash. Yes, the trash no matter what the item is.

It may take a time or two of losing something special for your children to see mom really means it.

A few books I recommend for you if you are having trouble putting clutter in it’s place:



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