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When the words won’t come

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I started blogging when I had toddlers.  It was years ago.  I never really kept it up. In fact I could go months without posting anything.  Then when we started homeschooling I wanted to write as a way to keep up with school and to have a record.  Over the years it has transformed into something else.  I have been writing for a while here and for other blogs.  Recently, the words stopped.  I have found myself with very little to say.  If you know me personally you will know this is unusual.  Me without something to say is like a pond without fish – unheard of.

When the words wont come

I have been taking a break, as I am sure you have noticed, and haven’t been writing much of anywhere.  I have cut way back on work.  In fact, I am almost completely stopping most of everything I was doing.  Physical, emotional, and now verbally burnt out.

Here are some things I am doing to help myself get through this no words season:

  • Talking with friends  Having real and honest chats with them about life and where I am in this season.  It has helped so much to hear that I am not alone.
  • Reading The Word I have been spending more and more time in The Word than ever before.  I am praying over it and letting it sink in.  Since I have no words to share, I am soaking in His words and being refreshed.
  • Being with family They are the reason I wake up each day.  The season leading to this one was full of selfishness and  work.  It has brought me to my knees.  It has shown me where my priorities must lie.
  • Write down thoughts Just because I haven’t been posting many blogs doesn’t mean that I haven’t been writing a little.  I have been putting some short thoughts on paper here and there and pray that maybe God will use them in some fashion to bring new words.
  • PRAY I saved this for last because I really wanted to talk to you about it.  Prayer for me had become something that I did because I wanted or needed something.  I was the child who only called The Father because there was a physical need.  I no longer craved a relationship with Him.  I tried to do it all on my own.  I bought into the idea that He put me in this place that it was up to me to get it done.  WRONG!  Friend, if you are reading this and you are weary let me beg of you to stop what you are doing right now and pray.  Go to The Father.  Take it to him and tell him that you need him.  Just because He laid something on your heart does not mean that it is up to you to complete it.  That is the complete opposite of what He has intended.  He gives us a job to carry out beside him. He carries our burdens so we can work for him as He words through us.

Matthew 11 28-29


Are you facing this rough season?  Are you weary and the words just won’t come.  Stop.  It is okay to take a break.  To let Him lead you.  To be still.

I will be still with you.

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