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Balancing Motherhood

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Some days, it feels like a balancing act. I imagine I am a trapeze walker, carefully trying to make it from the first post (my morning), to that next spot of rest. Yet, while I walk, it feels like people are placing plates on my bar, and I am just trying not to drop the plates.

But sometimes, a plate must fall.

What are the most important things we should make sure to balance as mothers

If a plate is going to fall  – and it will – I need to be intentional that I drop the right plates.

You might be shaking your head at me, wondering what plate is the “right one” to drop. I can’t answer that for you. But I do know that a plate is going to have to fall. There is no way that we can do it all. We are doing a balancing act- and we need to be sure the most important things make it to the next station without being broken.

What are the most important things we should make sure to balance?

Well, for starters, it is your relationship with God. You can not mother well if your relationship with God is not where it should be. All other relationships will struggle if you let this, your main lifeline, fall. So, make this space sacred in your life. Rise early, or stay up late, whatever it takes. But don’t let your spiritual walk be the plate that falls.

The next plate is the relationship with your spouse (if you have one.) Don’t let your husband be the plate that drops. We need to have our relationship with our spouse be a priority. It will help us – and them – be the best parents ever. It will help us stay on the same page of parenthood. Often, the motherhood plate begins to fall when the couple are not on the same page. Speak highly and respect your spouse- and your children will too.

Lastly, we can’t let our motherhood plate fall. We have to make sure we are investing in those precious blessings God has given us. Children are a heritage and a reward from the Lord, and we will answer for how we raised them.

So, what can fall out of balance?

Facebook can fall. You don’t have to get on social media today. The world will not stop spinning if you don’t update your status or scroll a newsfeed.

The Pinterest Perfect life can fall. We can’t have Pinterest perfect all the time. Sure, it is great for some good ideas-  but it doesn’t come before your relationships.

Don’t try to make your life match the highlight reels you see on Social Media. It will destroy your home.

Let go of the extras in your life. Learn to say a best yes- and that no is okay too.

Put the phone down. Get into the lives of those around you.

Balancing motherhood isn’t easy. It is more than a season – but it is for just a time.

Don’t drop the most fragile plates you carry for a few paper plates that will be thrown to the wind.

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