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Confessions of a Burnt Out Mama

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Hi friend.

We are all friends here so I can be real with you, right?  I sure hope so!  Because I am about to confess something to you.  I am totally, completely, and 100% burnt out.

Do you ever just feel that way?

When you are so done with doing everything over and over that you just want to stop.

Like a light bulb that has been left on for too long and eventually dims until it is gone leaving nothing more than a burnt up filament inside.

Yep, that is me right now.  I am fading fast!

Why?  What happened to cause the burn out?

In all honesty it isn’t just one thing that has caused me to get to this point.  It is more that there any many things demanded of me each day that have compressed and caused me to get to the point of exhaustion.  Being a work at home, homeschooling mom, wife, and all of the other titles I carry gets to be heavy.  And you know what I am learning from all of this?  It is a season.  And just like the seasons we face outside, this will not last forever. I can count on things to move forward and I will come out of this on the other end, back in the light.

Confessions of a Mama who is suffering through a season of burn out

What I am doing about the burn out…

There are a few things that I am doing to help with this season I am in right now.

Making quiet time a priority

For far too long I have been lax on my quiet time.  I have not been spending the time with The Lord that I know I need to be spending each day.  I need this time to fill up my cup so that I have enough left to fill up the cups that everyone extends to me each day.  I am starting a new devotional and hoping it helps get me back where I need to be spiritually as it guides me through the word daily.  I am excited to get through this and see how much better I feel.

I am making my health a priority

Several weeks ago I started taking some amazing probiotics, drinking more water, taking better suplements, and cutting back on food.  This I think will have some serious impact.  I know that in order to feel good on the outside I have to feel good on the inside.

I am making movement a priority

Working from home means I sit a lot.  A LOT.  You can find me at my desk for many hours a day, any given day.  That is so not cool.  Over the years I have packed on the pounds and that has really left me feeling bad about myself and my body.  That alone can add to the burn out.  I figure if I can move for at least 30 minutes a day that is better than what I am doing now.  Just throwing on some music and having a dance party with my kids or making circles around our yard is a great way to get that movement in.

I am taking a break to ease the burn

We just started week one of a three week homeschool break.  I just took on a part time VA job (the irony isn’t lost on me folks) and I want the kids and I to adapt to our new schedule and get in a good groove around here.  I am also hoping to get caught up on housework and some deep cleaning.  I think having a clean house will really help.

So, while I am very much suffering from burn out I have a  plan.  I know that I need to work hard to get through this season and let God use it to stretch me and make me the person He can use.

What do you do when you are facing a season of burn out?

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