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Motherhood Can Be Messy

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Motherhood is hard. No matter what stage you are in – it is hard. Being up all night rocking babies and going on little sleep – that is hard. Chasing a toddler around with their endless energy- that is hard! Learning to navigate a child through school is hard. Navigating the teenage years- yes, those are hard too. Motherhood is hard.

Yet, there are moments that make motherhood beautiful. The first smile, the first time you hear “Mama”, the first “I love you”, flowers picked and sticky kisses – those moments are beautiful. Motherhood is beautiful and messy, hard and yet so easy.

Motherhood can be very messy but it is totally worth it

There are all kinds of mother – and there are all kinds of children. There are all types of circumstances.

Yet, you are the mother God has chosen for your children. No matter how you became a mother- through giving birth, adoption, marriage – you were placed in the role of mother for these children. For this season.

You are the right mom for the job.

There are days that I don’t feel like I am doing it right. There are moments when I yell – and I feel like a failure. There are days when things don’t get turned in, school work goes undone, laundry lays in piles and dishes are piled in the sink. I look to heaven and in my heart, I ask God if He is sure that I am the one He wants doing this job called motherhood.

Yet, it is in those moments when I know He has me right where He wants me. In those moments of weakness – in the moments when motherhood is outright hard- it is there that I shine the beauty of Christ. It is then that He gets the glory as His strength overcomes my weakness.

The days are hard- and long. But the years are so short. In a blink of an eye that sweet little face is sitting behind the driver seat of your car and you are watching her drive away. One blink later – and she is headed off for college. If you hold your breath too long- the house will be quiet, and there won’t be one dish to wash, one soccer jersey to get ready for Saturday or one car pool to run.

So yes, motherhood is hard. But it is beautiful. It is both, and we should enjoy the ride.

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