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Our 2015 – 2016 Fourth Grade Curriculum Choices

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It is that time of year again.  The time that you put away the flip flops and sunscreen and trade them for curriculum, planners, and ink pens.  Yes, my friends, it is homeschool planning and starting time.

Some of you are knee deep into your year.  Others of you haven’t even begun the tedious task of picking your curriculum.

Our family is on week 3 (or is it 4?) of our new school year.  I would love to share with you what we are using this year for fourth grade.  I will share our second grade choices next week.

Our 2015 - 2016 Fourth Grade Curriculum Choices For you

Fourth Grade Curriculum Choices:

Bible: Bible is something that we do together.  Both of the kids and I.  We are currently using and loving GrapeVine Studies.
Grapevine Studies We love these studies because they are fun and engaging.  While you work through the lesson you get to draw out each of the stories – with stick figures!  It is fun.  It can be as elaborate as you want.  There are levels for all grades and stages.

Reading: This is the subject I am the most excited about this year.  S has never been too thrilled about reading.  In fact, we normally have to beg her to read.  I joined Usborne as a consultant a few weeks back because I love their books.


I decided to grab their box set for S to use for her reading for this year.  Guess what!  It is working!!  She has read through the entire box already and has started the suplement books.  We are also using Kumon Reading 4.

Math: We were so blessed to be gifted Teach Textbooks Math 4 for this school year.  We just received it and started with it today.  I am praying it is just what she needs.


If you have followed along for any legnth of time you know how much we struggle with math.

Handwriting: A Reason for Writing C


We love this program because it is short, fun, and simple.  This is our second year using it.  S’s handwriting has never been better.

Science: This is a hard one.  We are using lapbooks and different text books to let her lead.  I feel very strongly about letting her have a hand in her education.  Right now we are working on an Owls study by In the Hands of  Child.


We like these because she can choose her topic of study.  I really like that the note packs teach her how to take notes.  It will prepare her for highschool and college!

History: This is SO fun!!  We are using Mystery of History from Bright Ideas Press.  I am sure you have heard a bit about it.  It is truly a great curriculum.  You start at the beginning of time and work your way forward.

This is also something that we do together.  The kids color or draw while I read the daily lesson.  At the end of the week we put together our timeline.  I will have more info on that later.  But you can find the images for your timeline to match MOH here.

There you have it!  This is what we are using for the school year.  I am sure that as the year progresses we will add and take away.  We will change and move things around.  That is the beauty of homeschooling.

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