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Is Your Schedule Helping or Overwhelming You?

For as long as I can remember I have had a written schedule. Something that has my day planned hour by hour. I am pretty sure that my family thinks that it is my most valuable possession that could be held somewhere just under my Bible. For the most part my schedule and I have had a wonderful relationship. That was until my kids decided that my schedule was just not working for them anymore and started making it impossible to stay on task.

Is Your Schedule Helping or Overwhelming You

I have tried tweaking my schedule to fit their preferences  and I have tried just making whole new schedules. Both of which caused me to  end my days with my head in my hands trying not to cry. This is when I was reminded from a dear friend that,

[Tweet “Life is more important then any schedule you can make. “]

Once those words were spoken to me I really had to evaluate what it was about my obsession with my schedule that was holding me back from enjoying motherhood and that was leaving me in tears. Quickly I realized that I had overfilled my days. Let’s get real momma’s, an overfilled schedule is something that we are all guilty of.

We overfill our schedules because we are trying to become more productive. Sadly, being more productive is making us less present and only causing us to become more stressed. Our schedules that we have put ourselves on become crippling to us. They can almost cause us to become blind to the things that are going on around us.

Time to Take a Peek at Our Schedules:

Once I realized what my overfilled schedule was doing to me (mind you it was overfilled because I am a total workaholic) I decided that I had to make a drastic change. Mind you due the fact I have a wondering mind I knew I still needed a schedule however I needed to make sure that I was not overfilling myself and that I was also being productive in the times that I did have myself scheduled.

[Tweet ” I really came to terms with how much time I was wasting on things that in the grand scheme of life did not matter.”]

  1. As an operator of an online ministry I need to use social media outlets, however I do not need to spend as much time as I had allowed myself.
  2. As a homeschooling mom I need to plan however, I do not have to have every moment of our homeschooling day planned.
  3. As a wife I need to make sure I am making time for my husband but I do not have to occupy every moment he is home.
  4. As our housekeeper I need a clean home but not a spotless home.
  5. As a work at home mom I need to have office hours but I also need to remember that family time is more important then office hours.

So for all my Multi Taskin’ Moms out there, how is your schedule working for you? Are you finding that your schedule is way to filled with things that simply do not need to be there?


Until Next Time Just Keep Soaring 4 Him,


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