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Confessions of a Math-Challenged Mama

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WELCOME!  I am so glad that you are here today to join me in another confessions post.  Today I am going to discuss a four letter word with you.  Ready?  MATH ughhh….  I know, if you are like me you are cringing too.

I have never been good at math.  I am not a numbers person.  Give me an art project or something that I can use my hands on and I am golden.  But numbers, forget about it!

Confessions of a Math Challenged Mama and how I am fixing it

I have been homeschooling both of my children since day one.  Each of those days brings with it a new set of learning goals and challenges.  More often than not we sit down to do math and end in tears.  That is until I changed our curriculum completely.  You name the method we have tried it.  Nothing that we have tried has made a lasting impression on my girl.  She can work through a few lessons and then a week later be quized and be at a complete loss as to what she is supposed to be doing.  Talk about frustrating.  I spent so much time asking her “why don’t you remember that?!” Turns out she wasn’t learning in a way that she is able to retain the information.

That’s right!  I stopped all of what we were doing and moved to something new.  We moved to Teaching Textbooks.  Have you heard of it?  It is a PC based math program, that is self paced, grades automatically and the best part … wait for it … it teaches for you!  Did you hear that?  It teaches for you!!!  If that doesn’t get you excited I am not sure what is going to.

It is so hard as a mom to watch your child struggle to learn how to do what we feel is simple math.  With Teaching Textbooks you are able to let your child learn at their own pace without the nagging, yelling, and tears (from either of you).

The lessons are bite sized.  Each lesson starts with a quick lecture that breaks down how to process the problems.  It walks through it step-by-step with cute illustrations.  There are different practice problems before the real lesson begins.  As your child works through the problems they get cheered on by their “helper” on the screen.  If they get the problem wrong they have the option of watching how to work through the problem or moving on.  S is stubborn and likes to just keep on moving forward.  At the end of the lesson they are awarded a grade and it is logged in the gradebook.

Teaching Textbooks

There is a parent account that is linked to the student account.  The parent account allows you to go in and edit or delete the grade of the lesson your child is on.  This is helpful if you feel that your child could do better on that lesson or if they should re-do it completely.  (we won’t talk about how I know how to do this)

Since starting Teaching Textbooks at the beginning of this school year S and I no longer dread math time.  I direct her to the computer and give her the lesson number to work on for that day.  Once the lesson is complete she gives me her grade and we move on.  I am thrilled that she is able to understand math and work through the problems on her own.  She is thrilled that I am not longer nagging and demanding she get her work done.

Have you found a math curriculum that works well for your family?  I would love to hear what it is!


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