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Homeschool Helper


Back to school, or should I say NOT back to school, season is upon us. All over, many moms (homeschooling or not) are slowly getting things in order for the next school year. Recently, I’ve been brainstorming on how to delegate some of our schooling tasks to my oldest son. He’s getting older and I just do not have to have all the daily duties on me anymore. I have assigned him the role of Homeschool Helper. Today, I want to share this new job and a freebie with you. If you are in “market” for a helper this school year, allow me explain just in case you’re wanting to “hire” one of your students this year too.

Title:                                     Homeschool Helper

Length:                                 2014-2015 school year

Start Date:                          Monday, August 15, 2014

Supervisor:                        Mom

 Morning Responsibilities

  •  Write the expanded and short cut date on the board each morning
  • Add the “today”, “tomorrow”, and “yesterday” cards to the correct date on the wall calendar.
  • Turn on the computer

Afternoon Responsibilities

  • Erase the board at the end of the day
  • Turn off lights in the schoolroom at the end of the day
  • Organize books, notebooks, and your desk
  • Help mom prep for the next day

Weekly Responsibilities

  • Attend Monday Morning Meeting with Mom
  • Sharpen pencils for the week and place them in your school box
  • Tab the next week in your school planner
  • Vacuum the schoolroom floor
  • Wipe tables, chairs, and the door knob with disinfectant
  • Help mom prep for the next week

Monthly Responsibilities

  • Add the next month to the calendar and re-arrange the number cards

Benefits & Rewards

  • Mom will assign you a Homeschool Helper ID badge
  • On Fridays, you can sleep in an extra 30 minutes
  • Mom will treat you to Lakeshore Learning once every other month for choice in any educational, art, or dramatic play item under $20.
  • You can chose the menu for school lunch one time per month

I want to inspire homeschooling moms reading this post to brainstorm ways your child(ren) can contribute to your homeschool. Assign tasks and make it official through “hire.” I designed a printable mirroring a job description page. The Monday before school began, we read it together and he accepted the job. Then, I prayed over him. Just a simple prayer for responsibility, good work ethic, and a pleasing attitude. We both signed the paper and shook hands. You know, to make it official and all.

I know this could have been more easily accomplished by assigning him chores; but I like to have some distinction between home and school. Plus, this is more fun and I am stay on the search to build more work ethic, responsibility, and rapport. I believe this is another way to foster those skills.

If you’d like your own copy my Homeschool Helper form, please hop on over to RaisingBoysHomeschool to download your freebie!

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