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Teach Your Children to be Helpful

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If your family is like most other families, you have a hard time getting your children be helpful. Let me help!

Being overwhelmed is a feeling, I think, that most of us have felt at one point or another in our parenting journey.

Each day we have different tasks to accomplish.  We must see to our children, tend to our husbands, keep our home, and ensure that everyone is clothed and fed.  Add to that list that we also need to be taken care of.  It just all seems to pile up on top of each other.

Let me tell you something, there is hope and you have help!  No, I am not offering to come to your house and help you clean up!  Instead your help is built in.  Ready?

Teach your Children to be Helpful!

Easy tips to teach your children how to be helpful

Give them daily responsibilities

When you think of daily responsibilities you may instantly be thinking about chores around the house.  That is not what I am talking about.  Instead lets talk about training our children to do certain things each and every day.  One of the first things we should be teaching our children is a good bedtime routine.  Around here we have our children shower, brush teeth, and then lay out their clothes for the next day.  This can start right after supper or just an hour before bedtime.

The important thing is that when they go ahead and start this now, they are prepping for the day ahead.  Which brings me to the morning routine.  Having our children get up at the same time each day is the perfect way to start setting up a good solid routine.  After waking we have our children make their bed and get dressed.

We aren’t your typical ‘stay in our pajamas’ homeschool family.  We get dressed to shoes each day.  That doesn’t mean that we always go somewhere, but it allows us the ability to pick up and leave if needed.

Once you have an evening and morning routine down to pat you can start adding other responsibilities to their plates.

Teach them basic cleaning skills

Children are far more capable of cleaning and helping take care of our home than we realize.

If you don’t have your children helping you around your home you are really adding more to your plate than needed.

A four year old is capable of clearing the breakfast table and helping load the dishwasher.  A seven year old is capable of helping fold and put away clothes.  A ten year old is capable of rebooting the laundry.

There are plenty of age appropriate chores and cleaning skills your children can learn.  The important part of this is to make sure that you are taking time to teach them how to get the job done!  You can’t just hand it over and expect good results.  Work with your children and show them the way that you expect things to be done.  Once they have mastered the skills you will be able to let them go and move on to the next job.

Assign chores

Here is where the chore part comes in!

Once you have given your child daily responsibilities and have taught them basic cleaning skills you can start assigning chores.  One thing we really like to use in our home are Character Badges.  Have you heard of this program?  I love that it teaches your child to their heart about helping in gentle way.  You can learn more about it HERE.  You will likely have to go behind your children for a while to ensure the job is done correctly but once again, after they have it down you are good to go!

Like it or not our daily life will always be there and we will always have a mess to clean up, laundry to wash, and supper to cook.  But if we get help from the people who live in our home we can cut down on our own stress significantly.  Remember, if you are homeschooling your children need to be taught these basic life skills and you are the one to teach them!  I hope that these tips help to relieve you of some of your stress.  If you have any other ideas, I would love to hear them!

Here is some encouragement to help you get your home clean and organized.

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