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Surviving Housework With Kids

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If you have children you likely know how hard it is to get your housework done with them underfoot.

I have been asked several times how it is I am able to get my housework done with all my children home and the children who I sit for each day.

Today I am going to share the secret to surviving housework with kids with you!

Keeping your home clean while raising your family can be a lot of work.  No, it is a lot of work.  No one can do it all on their own.  Here are some ways that you can get it done, keep your sanity, and survive! How you can survive housework with a house full of kids today

7 Tips for surviving housework with kids:

Ditch Perfection:

First and foremost you must give up the ideas that you have floating in your head. Those pictures that you see in “Better Homes And Gardens” are rarely occupied by people with kids.

Yes, you may see the kids play room but, chances are that before they took pictures they had a professional cleaning team come in to scrub those rooms down.

The kids were likely shipped off to grandma’s to help the house looking perfect and then shortly after that house was destroyed.

The moment you come to terms with that small fact, is the moment that you will realize that you, may friend, are not alone.

No one has a home with kids that is also spotless. However there is a difference between lived in and nasty.

Enlist child labor:

Next don’t be afraid to have your kids help. Kids can help you do almost all the housework if you allow them. Of course mom this means you have to give up the notion that this housework is going to be done perfectly. However, it is much better to have it done then to have it perfect or at least that has always been my motto.

Not only does this allow them to learn tasks that are going to help them later in life it is also a great time to bond with your children. I love folding clothes with my little guys. Not because they fold so great but, because we are able to have an awesome conversation while doing those clothes together. Not to mention if they are helping you clean then they aren’t in some other area of the house destroying things.

If you have older kids call a family meeting. We like to hold family meetings once a month or so. This allows us to discuss things that are going on but, so we can talk about new chores that are going to be introduced.

I can not stress it enough we are not super women! More over, it is not going to hurt our children to take ownership of things that need to be done in the home.

Repo toys:

Don’t feel bad about playing the repo mom role once in a while. In our home we have certain times during the day that is clean up time. If things are not cleaned up in those rooms I put them in a basket and they must be earned back. The children can earn these items back by having good behavior and by doing their chores.


I do the same thing if I find items that are rooms they do not belong in. For example, in my home toys are not allowed in the kitchen. The last thing I want to do is to dump dinner in the floor because I stepped on a lego. That means if toys are found in that room they go right into the repo basket. Chances are if your kids are like mine they have way too many toys anyway.


Speaking of having too many toys… One of the best things you can do is to clean out the clutter.  I know I have talked about this before but really it is one sure fire way to make your house look cleaner.

I go through toy boxes once a month, closets get cleared as the seasons change and we have the rule that as something new comes in something old must go.

This also cuts down the amount of time it takes for you to clean. Really I think minimalists may have been on to something all along.

Set a timer:

Make sure you are using your time wisely.

To often we run out of time to do things because we have wasted time without even realizing we are doing so. I often say Facebook is my time sucker. I can waste the most time on there if I allow myself. When I set a timer and keep conscious track of the time I spend on any social media, I hold myself more accountable for those minutes.

Make a P-O-A:

Plan out activities throughout the day. One thing I have noticed is that when my kids get bored they will destroy. I try to plan small activities to do throughout the day as either a reward for helping me with housework or just so they don’t go all crazy on the house.

These activities do not have to be fancy. My kids love it if I just take a break and color with them or play a game. A lot of the time we go outside and just run around. The point is the more we interact the less they will destroy. I have even been know to have special containers with certain toys that only come out once in a while to keep the kids happy while I get things done.

Start the night before:

Map your day out before you go to bed and allow for interruptions.  I like to know what is on my agenda as soon as I get up. So I know that I need that list done before I go to bed. Now I try not to get to carried away on my list because mommy emergencies happen and that is totally ok. Make sure to focus on what you can get done and forget the rest. After all having healthy, happy kids is way more important than a spotless house.

Do you want your children to be more responsible?

We can help with that too!  Check out the 3 magic phrases to raising responsible children.

So there are some of my tips. What do you do to survive housework with your kids?

Until Next Time Just Keep Soaring 4 Him,


Here is some encouragement to help you get your home clean and organized.


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